You can download various materials for your own publicity work here. Please note: All rights reserved by Marc Schnittger, Kiel and the authors. The photographs, posters and leaflets are all subject to copyright as work as under § 2,1,5 of copyright law. Rights of use are granted to organisers, daily newspapers, monthly magazines and internet portals for pre-publicity and current reporting about Marc Schnittger and/or the scene illustrated, using the artist’s name (Marc Schnittger) and the name of the photographer concerned.

Production Posters Leaflets Press photos
Planet Eden Eden_Plakat.pdf
Eden_PInfo_en.pdf download area
The Garden of Earthly Delights Garten_Plakat.pdf Garten_PInfo_en.pdf download area
Musical Hell Hoelle_Plakat.pdf Hoelle_PInfo_en.pdf download area
LIFE.stories LIFEstories_Plakat.pdf LIFEstories_PInfo_en.pdf download area
Hamlet Hamlet_Plakat.pdf Hamlet_PInfo_en.pdf
download area
Handwork Handlungen_Plakat.pdf Handlungen_PInfo_en.pdf download area
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