Planet Eden  

Planet Eden

1st part of the theatrical trilogy about Hieronymus Bosch’s »Garden of Earthly Delights«

Actor and puppet-maker Marc Schnittger, inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s late medieval painting »The Garden of Earthly Delights«, presents an imaginative combination of puppet theatre, play and sound world: a sensual and spectacular panorama of human longing. More Information is coming soon.

1st part: Planet Eden
2nd part: The Garden of Earthly Delights
3rd part: Musical Hell

»Planet Eden« is a coproduction by Marc Schnittger with the Bühnenwerk e.V. association. It is sponsored by the Kiel Department of Culture, the prime minister of Schleswig-Holstein, the Provinzial Nord Brandkasse Aktiengesellschaft and the Prof. Dr. Werner Petersen-Stiftung.

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Planet Eden    

»I see the time's coming where God no longer will delight in the world and once again he has to beat up everything into a tapered creation.«

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Planet Eden    

Tired God and fancy devil

As a puppet creator, Schnittger, who is also responsible for the stage and the projections, has surpassed himself here once again. As a puppeteer he shines anyway. Virtuoso, he serves several game levels when he plays two characters in a dialogue with two hands and at the same time mixes as an acting person into the action.
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Planet Eden    


Rehearsels for »Planet Eden«.

Planet Eden  


direction | video technology: Jörg Lippmann
concept | text | puppets | setting | projection designs: Marc Schnittger
music | soundscape: Jan-Peter Pflug
puppetry version »maxi«: Marc Schnittger
puppetry version »mini«: Peter-Michael Krohn, Marc Schnittger
dramaturgy: Dr. Mechtild Hobl-Friedrich
assistant director: Gabriela Marques Bockholt
stage design assistance: Arne Bustorff, Peter-Michael Krohn, Rainer Kühn, Maike Guttau-Klammt
tailoring: Franziska Lindbeck
coaching: Ingeburg Honigmann-Rapp
sound | lighting | technical set up: Jörg Lippmann
photos: Andreas Pankratz

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Marc Schnittger